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Rainboots and a Raincoat

The forecast for today was rain and thunderstorms, and spring always means breaking out rainboots and cute umbrellas. This coat is one of my favorite pieces in my closet; it isn’t too thick or slick that I can’t wear it on regular days, but it is wet-proof, so I can wear it when it rains and not get soaked. One downfall of rainy days is they are dark, so it was hard to get outfit pictures, but we did run out during a break in the rain and take these!

RainbootsRainy Day
Don’t you love that frizzy, curly rainy-day hair?

Jacket: Target
Jeans: Kohl’s
Boots: Target
Earrings: Forever21

Chiffon Palazzo Pants

I bought these pants over the winter and I am in love with them. Chiffon pants- does it get much better than that? Comfy, yet cute. Flowy, and romantic looking. Today I wore them out to lunch so it was a good mix of casual and a little dressy. Over the weekend we spent lots of time just relaxing and I found what may be my new favorite vintage clothing store. I’ll post some of the pieces I bought there later this week.

Chiffon Pants (4)Chiffon Pants (9)Chiffon Pants (8)LDS StyleChiffon Pants (1)Chiffon Pants (12)Chiffon Pants (10)

Chiffon Pants- Kohls
Shirt: Downeast
Shoes: old.
Necklace: Forever 21


We had a wonderful, relaxing Easter this year. Sawyer got lots of fun Easter things and I didn’t eat a single piece of candy. Psych! Here’s a few thousand pictures from our weekend. We had a fun Saturday at our church Easter egg hunt. Our church’s Sunday morning service was a beautiful testament to Christ and his mission. After church, we relaxed and then had a big dinner with family. My parents do a big Easter egg hunt for the entire family, adults and kids, which is one of my favorite things about Easter. The hunt for the IBC root beers and the Reeses Eggs gets pretty intense, but this year, I got to go first and help Sawyer instead. He did get a few rootbeers and skittles, all by himself too ;)

DSC_0423coDSC_0142DSC_0148DSC_0151DSC_0172 - Copy2DSC_0221 - CopyDSC_0235DSC_0242DSC_0246DSC_0268DSC_0270DSC_0283DSC_0286DSC_0321DSC_0326DSC_0344DSC_0378DSC_0384DSC_0397DSC_0407DSC_0509DSC_0520DSC_0543DSC_0548DSC_0564DSC_0591DSC_0599DSC_0036DSC_0080DSC_0083DSC_0100DSC_0102co

Needless to say, we all got our share of candy and sugar, and hopefully you got your fill of Sawyer pictures!

Our Week

We moved last weekend, so our week has been mostly filled with emptying boxes, putting things away, and playing lots. Sawyer has finally started putting food in his mouth, which is so nice to be able to give him some graham crackers and he’ll entertain himself eating some and throwing some on the ground, of course.

WalksGeorgiaDSC_9601coDSC_9618coDSC_9635 - CopyDSC_9762

1. Walks with Dad
2. Spring sprung (and then it got cold again)
3 & 4. Sitting on the steps of the porch
5. Writing letters. I’m a big fan of keeping up with snail mail.
6. Replacing my own laptops screen. I feel like a pro!

Everyday Seventies Style

I’m feeling the seventies lately. They are calling me. I know the 90’s are in, but I’m still stuck in the 70’s. When I ask my husband how I look he keeps saying things like- "You look like you stepped out of that seventies show. Again." He exaggerates a little, but was the seventies such a bad thing? I don’t think so. I do think though, that unless you are going to take a giant 100% leap into vintage clothing and rock everything from your shoes to your underwear, then you should probably find a good balance of new vs. vintage. I think everyone’s balance is a different amount, and you have to take in account things like hair, make-up, shoes, accessories, and the clothes. I always make sure to mix some obviously new items into the mix. I’ll wear clothing running the gamut from 1930-1979. I don’t do the 80’s and 90’s. I know it’s in again, and everybody’s rocking the day-glo and the parachute pants but I just can’t do it. I think if you lived in the times people wore those things (or like me, you had to wear acid washed jeans in the 2000’s because you finally fit your sisters hand-me-downs and your mom wouldn’t buy you new jeans, so now your scarred for life) then you have a small guard up against clothing that looks too much like the decade. Ya know what I mean? Like I will never ever ever rock one of those Poncho cape things that were so in like 10 years ago. I’m sure they will come back in style someday, and I will look at them and say "why are people wearing those again?" Certain things should just stay gone. Remember those egg carton shirts that could stretch from infant size to 3XL? Why? Why did we wear those?

Anyways, here’s my outfit from the day. Definitely seventies inspired, and I love it! These jeans are my favorite pants I own, but I can’t usually wear them because I have to wear really high heels to make them clear the ground!


Hope you all have a wonderful Easter week-end! We’re headed out for Easter Egg hunts and fun church activities!

Shirt: Charlotte Russe
Jeans: Hudson Jeans
Shoes: Stein Mart
Purse: Vintage Thifted
Earrings: From a Craft Fair


I know I’m a little late to the scarf trend, but I watched a few youtube tutorials and I’m hooked. I’ve been wearing them around the house because I felt like I looked a little too Aunt Jemima in them to go out, but I finally took the plunge and went out wearing one. Do ya’ll ever feel like that? When you are trying a new trend, you’re nervous for people to see you? Like you might look dumb or something? Maybe that’s just me… I do think if you are a girl like me with frizzy hair, you have to be careful because it can just look extra messy, but I am loving scarves now!

Scarf Fashion (3)Scarf Fashion (1)Scarf Fashion (2)Scarf Fashion (4)

Scarf: Vintage from Thrift Store
Dress: Target
Shoes: Target
Earrings: Charlotte Russe
Bracelet: Forever21

Farmers Market Fashion

With spring quickly coming, I have seen Farmer’s Markets and home-grown vegetable stands starting to pop-up all along the road sides. I thought I’d put together a cute little outfit that’s perfect for a day out shopping at the farmer’s market or a craft fair. For a day of shopping, I like an outfit that’s comfortable, and easy to put together. Here in the south boots are a must since most fairs and farmer’s markets are on fields or dirt and you never know how muddy it might be. A bag with some structure is a must in case you find some beautiful flowers or something you don’t want smashed in a slouchy bag. I always fold up a linen market bag like this one and tuck it inside in case I find too much to carry in one bag. I know it’s gotten a little chilly for a few days, but it’s supposed to warm up, so hopefully you get to get out and do some local shopping this week!

Farmers Market Outfit Board

Cardigan: Modcloth
Pants: Lulu’s
Earrings: Tulle
Boots: Ruche
Scarf: Charlotte Rousse
Market Bag: Etsy

Another Dressing Like a Mom Without Dressing Like a Mom Outfit

Here’s another great outfit for the mom’s out there. Flowy (a.k.a forgiving), colorful, and a good pattern (a.k.a. hides stains from your kids!) but still fitted and cute. It was really warm today, and we didn’t go anywhere that required shoes so it was a no shoes kind of day- we have lots of those!Southern Style Blog (2)Southern Style Blog (4)Southern Style Blog (1)Southern Fashion Blog (5)Southern Lifestyle Blog

P.S.- Sawyer is a mess! He discovered the backporch this week and as you can see, he likes crawling in all of the seeds and debris that has fallen!

Dress: Lizard Thicket
Cardigan: old
Leggings: Target
Bracelet: Michaels