Good Morning Loretta

Good Morning Loretta, Good Morning All,

It is December 4th and I am writing this post with the windows open and the breeze coming through the house. It’s 73 degrees outside and I’m wearing capris, a short sleeve shirt, and no shoes. Sawyer is napping and I’m eating the last of my Trader Joe’s Peppermint Joe Joes. I love the Christmas season in Georgia. I know a lot of people complain that it is hard to feel Christmas-y without chilly weather or snow, but I absolutely love it. I love being able to go outside and enjoy the day. I love not wearing a million layers of clothing or closed toe shoes. Last Thanksgiving, Brandon and his brothers went wakeboarding on Thanksgiving Day. That’s the holidays in Georgia, for ya.

Peppermint Joe Joe's

these are amazing! Thank you Barb!

I loved Christmas as a child, and still do. My mom and dad would make all six of us wait at the top of the stairs until they said we could come down. Then we’d race down and find our stockings full. They always had candy, small toys, and something practical like rubber bands or nail clippers. Usually whatever item we had all been arguing over lately. One year my brothers each got 50 combs in their stockings because my mom was so tired of hearing them argue over who lost the last comb haha. Then we’d all open presents and the floor would be covered in wrapping paper. The cat would come in and tear it up for us and we’d all eat and play until we couldn’t any more.


I hope ya’ll are all having fun getting in the Christmas mood and I hope your weather is just the way you like it, whether that be warm or cold, enjoy the season!


2 thoughts on “Good Morning Loretta

  1. I love your blog! And I need your advice. Blogger vs WordPress? I’m totally new to this and I can’t decide 1) privacy – public or family only; 2) which platform. I want a huge following but that would mean I need to be careful about what I share; especially regarding Sayla. I’m a little put out with blogger cause it’s difficult to design. Or maybe that’s because I’m new at this. It is addicting though. So any thoughts are appreciated. I don’t think we’re coming. I have to work the 26th so we’d be driving back on Christmas which isn’t appealing.

    • It took me forever to decide if I liked blogger or wordpress more. I didn’t like blogger for the same reason, and didn’t like that you can’t own your blog if you ever decide to leave blogger. I’ve been happy with wordpress so far, I just wish I could change the CSS codes without paying extra for it. We will miss ya’ll at Christmas! Maybe your parents will get to stop in for the Holidays on their way back to Georgia!

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