And the Award Goes to…

Jimmie Johnson!!!

So while everyone else in the world seemed to have their TV’s on the Oscar’s yesterday, those of us down South were excited for a very different and more exciting television event- the Daytona 500 Shootout! Honestly, I didn’t even know the Oscar’s were going to be on until the day before, but my family has been planning to get together for the first race of the season since the season ended last fall. We love to get together and have huge family dinner’s Duck Dynasty style, but I would venture to say our NASCAR kick-off party may be the best party we have each year (and that very well may be because it is also thrown in honor of my birthday which is always within a few days of the race). We kick it country, light up the grill, heat up the deep fryers, and break out the moon pies. I mean, it’s NASCAR ya’ll. This is like Thanksgiving in the spring for us, only difference is everything is fried. I think I gained back all of the weight I’ve lost in one afternoon. I’d love to think that this is different than our average Sunday dinner but let’s be for real- we love our deep fried food down south. DSC_6331DSC_6338DSC_6353DSC_6429DSC_6393DSC_6457DSC_6498DSC_6504DSC_6510

All the guys care about is the race and the food. And if you are curious as to what I wear (’cause goodness knows a Southern girl can rock a NASCAR party just as well as she can a formal) here ya go:


Shirt: Thrifted Monster Truck Jam T-shirt

Jeans: J-Brand

Belt: Thrifted

Earrings: Charlotte Rousse

Boots: Target

(P.S. – Yes, it was warm enough for Sawyer to wear boots with no pants, but I didn’t plan on it. He had a little accident and his pants were in the wash)


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