The Snow Storm of 2013

I went downstairs today to make a bottle for Sawyer, and out of the corner of my eye noticed that something looked strange on the back porch.

DSC_6969Georgia Snow (5)

It snowed! I think a total of .0001 inches- nonetheless, we were excited! I went and got Sawyer and let him experience a little bit of snow for the first time- he wasn’t so sure about it, but let me take some cute pictures anyways.

Georgia Snow (2)Georgia Snow (4)Georgia Snow (7)

On Monday, we had a little hospital scare and had to take him to the E.R. and then he got an ambulance ride up to the children’s hospital in Atlanta. He had severe Bronchiolitis and was having trouble breathing. The doctors at Scottish Rite were amazing and got him back up to breathing and feeling better. He’s back home happy to be away from all of the poking and prodding and treatments he had done. He has been so good through the whole thing and is finally getting back to his normal self- which is lots and lots of playing.DSC_7030DSC_7048


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