Growing Up

Sawyer took his first steps yesterday, and then got in the truck and drove away. Just kidding- he’s helping his Dad drive, I love seeing him grow up and can’t wait for every other ‘first’ he has yet to experience. We have two more months until his first birthday and I’m already planning all of the silly things I want to do/get that he won’t notice and won’t remember, but first birthday parties are really for the parents, right?

Truck 2TruckTruck 3DSC_8140coDSC_8134co

The weather here has been amazing lately. Windows down, short sleeves, no shoes kind of weather. The pear trees lining our street have bloomed and the azaleas are starting to bud, the birds are back and building nest in every tree. March/April might just be my favorite time of year, it is beautiful!


2 thoughts on “Growing Up

  1. Beautiful family, and beautiful blog. Thanks for sharing. Although I must admit to some serious envy right now. We are having our second “snow day” in two weeks where the kid’s school is cancelled due to weather conditions, there is a blizzard warning out and my husband won’t make it home tonight for the second night in a row because the highways are closed. Quite the contrast to your barefoot and happy weather down there!

    • ah! That sound chilly but beautiful!! If it makes you feel better, it has gotten cold again for a few days down here. So glad to hear from you Ketrisse!

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