"Well there ain’t no picket fences, and there ain’t no grass to mow

and if you don’t like the neighbor, well there’s another one down the road…

Home sweet home sweet home sweet highway"

-"Home Sweet Highway" by The Wrights


While we were in Saint Simons, we stopped by an RV park to visit a cousin’s friendDSC_4619

We weren’t there long but all I wanted to do was walk around and talk to all of the people and look at their trailers. My whole life I have longed to live a life on the road. One look at a vintage airstream and I’m weak in the knees. I love traveling by car, love the campiness of RV’s and fifth wheels, and love the idea of living city to city and staying in RV parks and KOA’s. In fact, freshman year of college, I begged my parents to let me get an old fifth wheel and park it at an RV park near campus to live in for the year. I lost out on that one, but I would die to refinish an old airstream and travel around the U.S. seeing all the amazing sights and history our country has. Kristen Chenoweth in RV? Anybody?


Someday… :)