Stepping Stones



Last month I spent a few days focused in on searching for family history, walking through century old graveyards looking for a  familiar name, and for some kind of clue to some of the ancestors I have who we simply cannot find. I am fortunate to have very tangible roots so close to home. I think many people do, but just don’t take advantage or don’t realize just how close they are. It’s a powerful thing, to look for your family, and to see where they were, and where their final resting places are.DSC_5871

This a photo from October of the home of my family in the 1800’s, where one of my great-great, etc. etc, grandfather’s came home to after the civil war, and where he raised his children. It still stands, and you can still see where his fields and pastures were. That’s amazing to me. To envision what it looked like then, and to see it now.DSC_5947

Here is his grave, not even ten miles away. I’m actually surprised it is that far.


This is the original church at the cemetery, the foundation has been redone, but much of it is original. Amazing. Even more amazing is that a hundred years later, we have come back to the area, and only live a half hour or so away. Why I hadn’t been here before now, I don’t know.