Free Daily Planner for Bloggers

Blog Planner

I love being able to have a place to check-off the things I do each day and jot down any thoughts I have. I couldn’t find one that I liked online so I made this one and thought I’d share it with everyone! I included a place to write blog post ideas for fellow bloggers. It has a place to write the date at the top, a space for to-dos, pictures to take, blog post ideas, and every day jobs (answer emails, voicemails, work-out, and drink water). I hope you like it! To print, just click on the picture at the top and you can print right from that page or save it to your computer! It is sized for 8.5X11 paper.

Daily Planner Blog Printable

p.s.- The pretty floral scroll thing is courtesy of Shabby Blogs blog.