Positive People

I’ve written a few blog post the last few days, but posted none. They just didn’t feel right. I don’t want to say some fluffy filler things that aren’t worth reading. But, tonight, I feel like this needs to be said.


Since I got pregnant, and even before, when we were considering starting a family, I frequently turned to the internet for advice, opinions, knowledge, etc. I have always been a fan of learning things for myself simply by googling it. Broken shower? Googled it, learned how, it’s fixed. Baby won’t sleep? Googled that too. Still not fixed, by got many tips and advice. Anyhow, as of late, many of the things I have googled, (that’s a word, right?) have to do with parenting. Taking care of Sawyer is my 24/7 job so it’s on my mind 24/7. I often click the links on the first page, which lead to an assortment of various baby websites, blogs, forum, etc. But as I’ve read these things, I try to gather the information I need and then get off quickly. Why? Because there is so much negativity towards parenting.

I find it really sad. A helpless sounding, and no doubt worn out and tired mom will ask "what can I do to help my baby sleep better?" and there will be thirty responses accusing her of doing all the wrong thing already, or saying it won’t get better; there is little useful advice given, and often no reassurance or positive thoughts. Is this really all that we have as humans to offer each other? Judgmental comments? Reading that woman’s post, I wanted so badly to give her a hug, tell her it will be okay, and snuggle her baby for her so she could get some sleep, or at the very least, write a nice comment, even if I have no helpful advice, a kind word does so much for the soul.

I know not everyone is guilty of this and yay for you if you are not but I just hope that this serves as some kind of reminder to us that we are all going through some kind of trial, we are all doing the best we can and we have no need to be so harsh on each other. I fully believe that what we send out comes back to us somehow and if we send out negativity, we will get it back. I know I want as much positive vibes my way as possible. So let’s lift each other up; when you see someone who needs help, don’t just observe, serve! We all can do something, even if it is small. The world needs more positive people. Be one!

Thanks for listening to my soapbox :)DSC_4850

In case that didn’t fulfill your day, here’s a pillow with Sawyer’s face on it :)