Growing Up

Sawyer took his first steps yesterday, and then got in the truck and drove away. Just kidding- he’s helping his Dad drive, I love seeing him grow up and can’t wait for every other ‘first’ he has yet to experience. We have two more months until his first birthday and I’m already planning all of the silly things I want to do/get that he won’t notice and won’t remember, but first birthday parties are really for the parents, right?

Truck 2TruckTruck 3DSC_8140coDSC_8134co

The weather here has been amazing lately. Windows down, short sleeves, no shoes kind of weather. The pear trees lining our street have bloomed and the azaleas are starting to bud, the birds are back and building nest in every tree. March/April might just be my favorite time of year, it is beautiful!


Summer Outfits

I honestly did not realize how wrinkly my dress and shirt were until I looked at these pictures later- that’s embarrassing! Oh well- I think it looked fine in person, or at least I hope so. This is the perfect Southern summer dress- lightweight, textured cotton, pockets, a little ric-rac detail, and a pretty blue color. It’s got a great shape that doesn’t fall in high humidity and isn’t too hot for July. I love throwing on a lightweight shirt over dresses, it looks cute and is breezy, which is perfect since it was already 70 degrees yesterday. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I can’t wait for summer. I think I say that at least ten times a day. If you’ve been on Lake Wedowee in June, you know why.

Southern FashionSouthern Fashion (2)Summer DressDSC_8333 - CopyDSC_8381 - CopyDSC_8484

Dress: Target
Button-Up: LC for Kohls
Shoes: Rack Room
Necklace: Etsy
Earrings: Charlotte Rousse

What’s your idea of the perfect summer outfit?

Sunday Style

I’ve said it before- I am not very good about wearing layers, I am very much a jeans and a t-shirt kind of girl, but I love the way layers look. I like the variety of textures and dimension you get with layers, and the extra warmth. This Sunday it was sooo cold, so I had no choice to but to wear tights. I avoid tights in my outfits- I wore enough pink and blacks tights in my ballet years to last me a lifetime, but I couldn’t resist these Rodarte lace tights. Too bad I waited so long in the winter to wear them! DSC_6903DSC_6876 (2)DSC_6871DSC_6898DSC_6874DSC_6927DSC_6961

Dress: Thrifted (no tag)
Blazer: Forever21
Tights: Rodarte
Heels: Target
Necklace: Charming Charlies

Lovin’ All Night

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And a little music for ya!- Patty Loveless "Lovin’ All Night"

The Snow Storm of 2013

I went downstairs today to make a bottle for Sawyer, and out of the corner of my eye noticed that something looked strange on the back porch.

DSC_6969Georgia Snow (5)

It snowed! I think a total of .0001 inches- nonetheless, we were excited! I went and got Sawyer and let him experience a little bit of snow for the first time- he wasn’t so sure about it, but let me take some cute pictures anyways.

Georgia Snow (2)Georgia Snow (4)Georgia Snow (7)

On Monday, we had a little hospital scare and had to take him to the E.R. and then he got an ambulance ride up to the children’s hospital in Atlanta. He had severe Bronchiolitis and was having trouble breathing. The doctors at Scottish Rite were amazing and got him back up to breathing and feeling better. He’s back home happy to be away from all of the poking and prodding and treatments he had done. He has been so good through the whole thing and is finally getting back to his normal self- which is lots and lots of playing.DSC_7030DSC_7048

Spring Style

The second the weather gets warm enough, I am back in skirts and summer clothes. I love the soft spring colors and floral prints and hate wearing layers. Luckily, the other day it almost got up to 70 here (even though it got back down to the 20’s yesterday). Now I just need a tan- bring on the warmer weather!

SouthernStyleGoodMorningLorettaSouthern StyleVintage EarringsMomStyleGood Morning Loretta

I love seeing his little face in my window! In the last two weeks, he has completely outgrown all of his 12 month clothes, and has moved up to 18 month clothes. He is only nine months old! Slow down little boy! I don’t want him to turn a year old in May- he needs to stay small forever!

Top: Charlotte Rousse
Skirt: Winsome Jones
Shoes: Stein Mart
Earrings: Forever 21

And the Award Goes to…

Jimmie Johnson!!!

So while everyone else in the world seemed to have their TV’s on the Oscar’s yesterday, those of us down South were excited for a very different and more exciting television event- the Daytona 500 Shootout! Honestly, I didn’t even know the Oscar’s were going to be on until the day before, but my family has been planning to get together for the first race of the season since the season ended last fall. We love to get together and have huge family dinner’s Duck Dynasty style, but I would venture to say our NASCAR kick-off party may be the best party we have each year (and that very well may be because it is also thrown in honor of my birthday which is always within a few days of the race). We kick it country, light up the grill, heat up the deep fryers, and break out the moon pies. I mean, it’s NASCAR ya’ll. This is like Thanksgiving in the spring for us, only difference is everything is fried. I think I gained back all of the weight I’ve lost in one afternoon. I’d love to think that this is different than our average Sunday dinner but let’s be for real- we love our deep fried food down south. DSC_6331DSC_6338DSC_6353DSC_6429DSC_6393DSC_6457DSC_6498DSC_6504DSC_6510

All the guys care about is the race and the food. And if you are curious as to what I wear (’cause goodness knows a Southern girl can rock a NASCAR party just as well as she can a formal) here ya go:


Shirt: Thrifted Monster Truck Jam T-shirt

Jeans: J-Brand

Belt: Thrifted

Earrings: Charlotte Rousse

Boots: Target

(P.S. – Yes, it was warm enough for Sawyer to wear boots with no pants, but I didn’t plan on it. He had a little accident and his pants were in the wash)

Music Monday. On Friday.

I am in love with this video. Everything about it. Remember Brooke White from American Idol? She’s just as talented now as she was then, except like a thousand times cooler in my opinion. (which counts for a lot, right?) She’s the ultimate mom, rockin out with her sweet baby playing on the bed with her as she sings.  It’s not the traditional country type I normally post, but I just can’t stop listening to it and for those who are familiar with the early 1900’s country music, does she not sound exactly like the early early early June Carter recordings? If you close your eyes, I’m sure you can hear it. Anyways, I love this song and Brooke’s version and her rockin’ out with her babe. Enjoy!

Dressing Like a Mom without Dressing Like a Mom

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to dress like a mom without looking like a mom. I used to wear a lot of shirts that just do not work as a mom. I didn’t realize that most of my wardrobe would be un-wearable post baby, even if I lost the baby-weight. I’m welcoming  a lot more flowy, forgiving shirts into my wardrobe and learning how to dress my ever-changing body. This outfit is perfect- forgiving, comfy, and easy to put together. Please comment with your tips on dressing as a mom- I’m still in the process of figuring it out!

New Mom ClothesGood Morning LorettaHow to Dress Like a MomMom Fashion (2)Mom Fashion

Top: Forever21

Pants: JBrand Jeans

Belt: Thrifted

Sawyer: Carters