Farmers Market Fashion

With spring quickly coming, I have seen Farmer’s Markets and home-grown vegetable stands starting to pop-up all along the road sides. I thought I’d put together a cute little outfit that’s perfect for a day out shopping at the farmer’s market or a craft fair. For a day of shopping, I like an outfit that’s comfortable, and easy to put together. Here in the south boots are a must since most fairs and farmer’s markets are on fields or dirt and you never know how muddy it might be. A bag with some structure is a must in case you find some beautiful flowers or something you don’t want smashed in a slouchy bag. I always fold up a linen market bag like this one and tuck it inside in case I find too much to carry in one bag. I know it’s gotten a little chilly for a few days, but it’s supposed to warm up, so hopefully you get to get out and do some local shopping this week!

Farmers Market Outfit Board

Cardigan: Modcloth
Pants: Lulu’s
Earrings: Tulle
Boots: Ruche
Scarf: Charlotte Rousse
Market Bag: Etsy