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And the Award Goes to…

Jimmie Johnson!!!

So while everyone else in the world seemed to have their TV’s on the Oscar’s yesterday, those of us down South were excited for a very different and more exciting television event- the Daytona 500 Shootout! Honestly, I didn’t even know the Oscar’s were going to be on until the day before, but my family has been planning to get together for the first race of the season since the season ended last fall. We love to get together and have huge family dinner’s Duck Dynasty style, but I would venture to say our NASCAR kick-off party may be the best party we have each year (and that very well may be because it is also thrown in honor of my birthday which is always within a few days of the race). We kick it country, light up the grill, heat up the deep fryers, and break out the moon pies. I mean, it’s NASCAR ya’ll. This is like Thanksgiving in the spring for us, only difference is everything is fried. I think I gained back all of the weight I’ve lost in one afternoon. I’d love to think that this is different than our average Sunday dinner but let’s be for real- we love our deep fried food down south. DSC_6331DSC_6338DSC_6353DSC_6429DSC_6393DSC_6457DSC_6498DSC_6504DSC_6510

All the guys care about is the race and the food. And if you are curious as to what I wear (’cause goodness knows a Southern girl can rock a NASCAR party just as well as she can a formal) here ya go:


Shirt: Thrifted Monster Truck Jam T-shirt

Jeans: J-Brand

Belt: Thrifted

Earrings: Charlotte Rousse

Boots: Target

(P.S. – Yes, it was warm enough for Sawyer to wear boots with no pants, but I didn’t plan on it. He had a little accident and his pants were in the wash)

Growing Fast

Have you ever noticed how time moves faster and faster the older you get? I remember as a kid, Christmas took SO long to come. Thanksgiving to Christmas felt like ten years. Sawyer is 9 months on Friday, and I feel like we’ve only had him for a week, and yet I can’t remember life without him. Although I do remember many nights of staying out late, and using the bathroom without a little boy at my feet.

But I digress- I cannot believe how quickly Sawyer is growing and learning now! In the last month he has learned to crawl and pull up everywhere. In the last two weeks, he has learned how to shake his head no and does is every time he hears "no" or "don’t," is walking around the furniture, can clap his hands and does every time he hears someone say "yay" and waves hi while making a cute noise that sounds a lot like "hi." He even picked up a boy doll yesterday and held it up and said "dad dad dad." Does that count as a first word? No matter what, it was precious! I’ve been so busy watching him grow and playing with him lately that I haven’t taken many real pictures, but lots of video, so here are some still frames from the video camera.


We have been loving this warm weather, and enjoying watching the rain from our porch. We can’t wait for Spring to come! I can’t help but already start planning the rest of his first everything and yet I don’t want him to be enough to have first birthdays or anything like that. I want my Sawyer boy to stay small forever!

Playing Santa


This year was Sawyer’s first Christmas, and our first year playing Santa. We LOVED it! Although, like many new families, we could have easily saved our money and just bought Sawyer wrapping paper and boxes instead of presents. He had quite the good time ripping things open and dumping them out of the boxes then playing with the paper. Luckily, he still hasn’t begun sticking everything in his mouth. He got very, very spoiled and we are so grateful for all of the clothes and toys and fun things we all got! I think his favorite present is a Little Tykes Swing. We hung it in our play room since it is so cold and we spent almost all day on Wednesday out there playing.

We had the most wonderful week filled with lots and lots of family, and lots and lots of food. Today we got to go to the Temple, my first time since having Sawyer and it was amazing. I love the peace and happiness that is felt when you enter the Temple. Prior to going on bed rest while pregnant, we went all the time, and I know having a baby changes everything, but that is one thing I hope to be able to do more often. Yes, getting a baby sitter is hard, but we’ll make it work!

Tomorrow, we have a wedding reception for these two:MainStreet (24)MainStreet (114)Wedding (273)Wedding (291)

I photographed their wedding back in November and tomorrow we’re gonna celebrate Georgia style!


Our week around here has been crazy. The level of messiness in our house is proof. Last Monday, I came down with something so bad I thought it was horrible food poisoning until my Dad got it this morning. I’ll spare you the details, but it was ugly. Moving on, luckily, I was feeling good enough by Thursday to get it some family time at both our families for Thanksgiving. We spent the morning at Brandon’s brother’s, then he went dirt biking with him, and the afternoon at his cousins, then the evening at my folks. We are so grateful to have so so much wonderful family nearby and so much to be thankful for! A few pics from the day-



Just hanging out up here…



His Dad dressed him. He’s really proud of his Halloween costume.


"…and here’s how you start it Son"



"Hey Ladies, check out my ride"

Sawyer has a second cousin who is nine days older than him. I can only imagine what they think when they are together, but it’s so fun seeing them grow up and interact. I’m sure they’ll be best buds growing up.


"and this toy here, you just pull just like this…"


"whoa, look at that toy!"


"It’s mine!"


"outta my way"


"I saw it first"


"I’m not giving up without a fight!"


Still best buds! Happy Thanksgiving!

Good Morning Loretta!

It has taken me a long, long time to get started on the first post of my new blog. I have lots of thoughts in my head, but what is important enough to be my first post? Finally, I’m just jumping in, head first, and I’m not a head first jumper. I like to dip my toe in, make sure it’s warm enough, and then jump in. But, here I go. My name’s Stacey, and this is my blog. Welcome.



I hope you find over how ever long you stay and how ever often you visit, a place to relax and a good friend. So come on it, sit awhile. Here on my blog I’ll be posting pieces of my life, pictures of my cute baby, pictures from my photo shoots (I’m a part-time, amateur photographer), my current crafting and d.i.y projects, who knows what else, and of course, there’ll be the occasional post about Loretta Lynn, cause that’s what got me started on this whole writing thing in the first place (see here), and, let’s be honest- she’s amazing. Why not write about Loretta Lynn? So come on it, kick back, and stay awhile. Thanks for visiting!