What is Good Morning Loretta?

I am a Loretta Lynn fan. No argument there. When I was thirteen, LorettaLynn.com opened a webboard for fans. I visited all the time, eager to read anything about the lady I admired so much. One fan started writing letters to Loretta everyday, and when she stopped, I picked it up and began a thread titled “Good Morning Loretta.” For nearly four years, everyday I wrote the going-ons of my teenage life to Loretta Lynn. I didn’t think she actually read it, or that she would care even if she did, but I knew if anyone in the world understood how I felt and who I was, it would be her. (I was always quite the mis-fit and “old soul”).

When the closed the boards years later, I missed writing those letters every day. Now, here I am, married and with a family and picking up where I left off. Raising my little boy in the same small town I grew up in, still very much a misfit, and very much a fan of Loretta Lynn.

What can you expect from my blog? Great Southern Fashion and music, and a little bit about our life here in Georiga. Sit and stay awhile, won’t ya?



One thought on “What is Good Morning Loretta?

  1. I love your new page. I have always admired you and wanted to cheer you on. I never thought of you as the misfit, but as the brave person who just was herself. Be proud that you have followed your own path and been true to yourself.

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